What I offer:
I offer my clients a more holistic approach in providing bodywork for men. While massage schools focus strictly on the mechanical and structural aspects of massage therapy, they avoid the pleasurable and sensual points. I integrate both modalities in my work. My intention in my work is to teach men how to receive erotic touch. I enjoy providing a unique style of nurturing, naked bodywork in my work as a pleasure activist for men from all backgrounds.

Receiving a massage from me is all about letting go of your cares and worries when you lay down on my padded massage table. I focus my warm hands and my calming energy to help relax your muscles and to channel erotic energy throughout your body. Sensual touch is an important piece of who we are, and it is a power to be honored, not to be ashamed of. I am client focused, using long flowing strokes from the shoulders and arms to the soles of your feet. The pressure I use is light to medium, and with each session, I combine a mix of touch, breathing and energy work.

I don’t judge people by their looks, race, age, sexuality, HIV status, or body type, so feel free to check your worries at the door. Everyday living can be a stressful time, so I offer my clients a place to relax and let go of the world outside. My aim is to provide a safe, discrete place for personal healing & relaxation.

About Me
I have been a pleasure activist/bodyworker for over twenty years. I began in San Francisco. I spent a few years traveling with my massage table in a quest to find some answers in my own life. I’m more of a homebody at the moment; I like having a warm space of my own to do my work that a hotel cannot always provide.

In my spare time, you’ll find me thrift store shopping; on my bicycle (when it’s not 12 degrees outside ;) at a farmers market, as well as working on various projects that deal with sustainability and creating a more “green” and liveable world. My work providing pleasure through touch is and has been a joy and a challenge at times, and I enjoy helping people to feel wonderful and cared for.

When I am available:
I am usually available from 11am to 10pm, 7 days a week, but my hours may vary depending on how busy I am. As my appointment times fill up quickly, I strongly recommend booking appointments at least a few days in advance. Please feel free to view my availability and book an appointment online here. Appointment times are updated daily, so please check back often.

Massage FAQ”S:

Where are you located?

My massage studio is located in Northeast Philadelphia in the East Oak Lane neighborhood of Philadelphia, a few blocks from the Melrose Park SEPTA train station. Plenty of free street parking is available.

What do you, the masseur wear during the massage?
I work in the nude when I do massage, just as the Greeks and Romans in years past. The naked human body is a natural thing and should be treated with pride and respect. Remember, being nude does not equal a desire for sex. We were all born naked. Religion and society has made feeling ashamed of ones naked body a part of the culture. I have worked with people who may have issues around shame and sexuality as well as different body image issues.

Am I, the client, naked during the massage?
Yes. The room in which I work is kept at a comfortable temperature to allow for this.

How hung are you?
Two inches. No, seriously, my penis size should not have anything to do with a good massage session. Remember, it’s not about my body, it’s about letting me touch yours.

Is there release with the massage?

Sensual pleasure is a big part of our lives, and it is a power to be honored, not ashamed of. The entire reason I became studied in the art of massage is that I am interested in providing a more holistic approach to a massage session, which includes the erotic side of touch. Combining the technical aspects with the pleasurable ones is my intention. I believe that sensual energy is healing energy and can benefit your whole body and create a sense of peaceful well-being when done with respect and understanding. My intention as a pleasure activist is to teach my clients how to receive a sensual massage. Allowing yourself the pleasure and joy of receiving erotic touch is perfectly normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

Why should I get a massage rather than see an escort?

My focus is on erotic touch, which in my work is as effective as penetrative oral or anal sex in making your body feel wonderful. I use my hands and forearms to channel erotic energy through the body during the massage session. While I do not have the acting skills to be an escort, I much prefer to provide something a little more real and substantial; gentle, soothing touch and heart connection to those who need it.

What happens during an erotic massage session?
I start by working on your neck, back, buttocks, legs and feet, using long strokes and gentle to medium pressure. Then you slowly turn over onto your back, and I slowly massage the feet, calves, legs, arms, hands, chest and finally the genital areas for a thorough, relaxing session. You will feel completely relaxed after your session with me..

Do you use oil for massage?
I use plant-based Biotone massage oils. Unlike baby oil and other petroleum-based lotions (which are basically like putting gasoline on your skin), plant-based oils are all natural and thus are easily absorbed into the skin and will not leave you feeling greasy. I also provide clean cotton sheets and towels, cool bottled water and a relaxing, temperate atmosphere.

Is a shower available before or after a massage?
Yes. I also recommend that you shower before your arrival and that you please refrain from wearing cologne or smoking cigarettes before an appointment. A shower is available if you request it.

Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes! What better gift for a friend or loved one than some relaxation time! Please contact me for more information about gift certificates

I have a cold. Is it okay to get a massage?

No. Stay home and get well soon. It’s important to remember that other people are affected by cold germs too. Vitamin C, plenty of rest and hot soup!