My name is Timothy B and I offer a wonderful massage session tailored for relaxation and release.

I’m based in the Northeast Philadelphia area, but I do travel around the Northeast, Midwest and Southeast, so please check my schedule page to see if I’m available for appointments in your city.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I’m not planning on scheduling appointments until July 2020 at the earliest, it’s all dependent on COVID19 vaccine availability.

If you do email me, I will place you on a discrete email list notifying you of my earliest availability once it becomes more apparent.



I offer my clients a more holistic approach in providing bodywork for men. While massage schools focus strictly on the mechanical and structural aspects of massage therapy, they avoid the pleasurable and sensual points. I integrate both modalities in my work. My intention in my work is to teach men how to receive erotic touch. I have been providing my style of nurturing, naked bodywork in my work as a pleasure activist for men from all backgrounds. Receiving a massage from me is all about letting go of your cares and worries when you lay down on my padded massage table. I focus my warm hands and my calming energy to help relax your muscles and to channel erotic energy throughout your body. I have worked with many different types of clients of all ages, sizes and shapes. You’ll also feel safely supported in this intimate and mindful setting that is respectful, honoring, and sacred. Take the time to give yourself a gift of relaxation and book a session with me.

Please take a look around my site to get a better sense of what I offer my clients. Please feel free to look around and learn more about my massage sessions, and contact me if you have any questions. When you are ready to view my schedule and book an appointment, please click here.

Be well and I hope to see you soon.

Namaste, and have a safe & healthy summer season! Please not, that due to the COVID19 health crisis, I will not be taking clients until November 2020.

Timothy B

Some of my recent reviews: “The Swedish massage experience Timothy B offers is unique, non-threatening, comfortable, and relaxing. I was able to let go my thoughts and worries right away, and even dozed off a couple times during the session. At the end I felt tremendously relaxed, refreshed, and peaceful. I appreciate Timothy’s extensive use of technology for information, scheduling, communication, and payment. Finally, I greatly appreciate the overall experience Timothy offers; and look forward to visiting him again in the future.”

“This was the easiest appt. I have ever set up. You can see what appointments he has available on his website and request the time slot. Tim sent an email the day before my appointment to confirm, and give me his room number. He also included a Google Maps link to the address of his hotel. It made it super easy to get to him.”

“Tim is a therapist of opposites–total calmness as well as pleasant stimulation. He’s very friendly/CALM, with a great disposition, and he makes me very calm during the session.He knows how to relax me. Yet in the end the experience is also exhilirating and stimulating and makes me feel happy for days! It is great to be massaged by Tim, and I plan to continue the series whenever he returns to town.”

“This was my third visit to Timothy. He handles every aspect of the appointment with efficiency, courtesy and professionalism. He promptly sends the pertinent confirmation info. Timothy is a true treasure. His technique and his touch are a rare combination of soothing, affirming, restorative, relaxing, and deliberate. Being a musician, I appreciate his rhythm and patterns, as well as his incredible hands and presence.” “Timothy radiates integrity and skill. A very pleasant, sensual experience. Nice ambiance in his apartment, professional table, great music. I will surely schedule another appointment soon.”